Sittin' Pretty Pet Salon

Exclusive care for your PET

Over Night Pet Boarding

We offer overnight boarding 7 days a week. Each dog is separated from the other by runs unless specified by multi-pet families. We allow the dogs a good run and play and potty break AT LEAST 3 times a day if not more. We encourage pet parents to bring in anything that makes your furry friend feel more comfortable and at home. We also ask if you would please provide their food as to not upset their tummies. The price for boarding your pet is $35 a day and $15 for each additional do you wish to board with us. Also, if it is during the business week and you would like your pet to attend daycare while he or she is staying with us all that is needed is an extra $10 a day and for your dog to pass an assessment to make sure everyone can play nicely together.


Hair cuts and Baths are kind of hard to price without seeing the pet. The factors we consider are size, coat type, and coat condition. For a more accurate price bring your pet by or give us a call. We will be happy to do our best for you! We also have many shampoo products and conditioners to fit your needs.

Doggy Daycare

Our doggy daycare is a free range indoor/outdoor facility that is constantly monitored by a daycare attendant and video surveillance at all times. Our hours of operation for daycare are Monday through Friday 5:30 am until 7:30 pm. First, you would want to schedule an assessment to make sure that everyone can play nicely together and your pet enjoys his/herself. After your dog passes his or her assessment there are a few different packages you can purchase.

5 Day Pass :$138.00

10 Day Pass : $220.00

20 Day Pass : $330.00

Second dog per family is an additional $11 a day for dogs under 25 lbs. and $14 a day for dogs 26lbs. and over.

All passes are non-refundable and expire after 60 days.